The Corsinema will hold exclusive Special Events from time to time. This page will provide the information you need regarding future events and also information on past events. Check back periodically for updates.

Most Special Events are by invitation only.

On May 19, 2007 The Corsinema hosted a 30th Anniversary Star Wars Marathon. All six films were shown, in order from Episode I through Episode VI, over the course of the day.

Attendess were treated with a commemorative T-shirt emblazoned with the Corsinema Star Wars Marathon Logo and a commemorative ticket to the event.


Star Wars Movie Marathon Photo Gallery
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On October 21, 2006 The Corsinema held the adventure of a lifetime as 10 brave souls completed the Indiana Jones Movie Marathon.

Attendess were treated with gift bags containing an Adventure Journal, 1 unopened pack of 1981 Raiders of the Lost Ark Baseball Cards, 3 unopened packs of 1984 Temple of Doom baseball cards and a rubber snake. Each participant also recieved a commemorative ticket to the event.

It was another resounding Corsinema success...thank you all for coming!!!

Indiana Jones Movie Marathon Photo Gallery
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Four Days over the course of four months introduced The Corsinema to all who were interested....we called it...

The Corsinema Opening Nights 2006

A great turnout of nineteen people visited the Corsinema during Opening Nights 2006. Attendees received the full Corsinema treatment. Attendees received commemorative Opening Night 2006 Tickets and some lucky attendees received Corsinema Logo T-Shirts. Thank You all for coming!!

Pictures from July 15, 2006 Opening Night
Pictures from August 19, 2006 Opening Night
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On April 1, 2006, The Corsinema held it's first Invitation Only special event...

The Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition Movie Marathon

Six brave participants survived through all three LOTR extended edition movies. That is a total of 11 hours and 22 minutes of movies in one day. There was an hour break in between each movie for lunch and dinner. The total marathon event ran from 10:00 AM to 11:26 PM.

Each surviving participant received a commemorative T-shirt at the end of the marathon.

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